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Welcome to "the gig"

Last Updated: 24-09-05

Hello and welcome to "the gig" by drd I've always wanted to do a "light on dark" design but never got the look right, but I think this works ok.

I decided a gig was a good theme for a template with a dark background, but of course the template can easily be modified for any theme/colour sheme.

What's the point?

Last Updated: 24-09-05

The point of this template is best summarised as a list of key features and goals:

  • To have valid CSS and XHTML coding
  • Original appearance
  • Highly functional and accessible
  • Contribute something to the web design community who have taught me so much

Working with "the gig"

Last Updated: 24-09-05

I have tried to make it as easy as possible to work with this template. Editing can be done in a text editor such as Notepad and viewed in a browser (as the XHTML and CSS is fully commented) or you can use the excellent free NVU editor which can be downloaded here

You could also use Dreamweaver, but it does seem to display things in a slightly odd way

If you get really stuck then please don't hesitate to email me.
Alternatively you can use the form on the contact page of my website. Here

I hope you enjoy the template.

Other tags

Last Updated: 24-09-05

Here are some other older tags I've added to the stylesheet:

This is text using the pre tag
you could use this for showing code etc
Remember, pre text doesn't word wrap!
So you need to use line breaks.

This is text using the blockquote tag. It's probably better just to use a style with higher left and right margin values.

acronym text

strong text

bold text

italic text

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